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100 Sample Packs on SPLICE.COM

June 7, 2023TRAKTRAIN

We are ecstatic to share a thrilling milestone with you – TRAKTRAIN has officially released 100 sample packs on our long-term partner’s platform – ! 🎵💯


From the get-go, our journey with has been one of innovation, creativity, and shared love for music. We’re thrilled to be part of an ecosystem continually raising the bar for digital music production. Since 2018, we have been getting bigger & now reached the Top 30 Weekly labels there, breaking our records year to year.

Your unwavering support has brought us here, fueling our drive to keep pushing boundaries. You’ve been crafting unique sounds and vibing with our sample packs – from pack #1 to #100, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s coming next! 🎧✨

A big shoutout to all our artists, collaborators, and YOU, our incredible music community, for making this happen. The journey has just begun, and we’re amped for the future. Let’s continue to make waves and hit new highs together with ! 🚀🎶

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