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3 tips for an improved workflow

April 4, 2018Misc Inc

Getting ideas down quickly is essential for music producers to get in the state of flow and stay there.

With these 3 simple tips you’ll be able to improve your workflow, and remain focused on your project.

1. Create a template

Creating a standard template in your daw will not only help you have all your ‘go-to’ settings already set up, but you’ll also have a chance to develop consistent elements and routines – which will reflect in your own style of music.

My template has certain buss channels set up, as well as reverb return channels and an analyzer on my master channel.

Standard template in Ableton 10
Standard template in Ableton 10

Also, every new channel I create has an EQ and a utility tool. I use these effects on every track so having them ready is a really useful thing.

Standard track
Standard track

2. Organize your samples

Organizing your samples is essential for workflow. Nothing hinders creativity more than going through 350 snare samples just to find the right one. Delete the bad samples, organize the good ones, and you’ll have your very own sample library.

Folder structure
Folder structure

3. Stick with your DAW

No matter if you use Ableton, Logic, FL Studio, Reason, Bitwig or what so not – STICK TO YOUR DAW!

All of these programs sound the same. Select your weapon of choice and stick with it. Learn and master every single detail and every function. This is arguably what will improve your workflow the most.


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