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How Did You Get Your Placement JRB Ep. 18

August 29, 2019TRAKTRAIN

JRB, music producer, who worked with MGK, Tinashe, Jay Rock, Xzibit & Justice League, tells us the story on how he managed to work with them.

What’s your name? Where are you from?

What’s up, my name is JRB, u can find me on all social media’s at jrbtheproducer.

Who have you worked with?

I’ve produced for MGK, Tinashe, Rock City, Dej Loaf, Jarren Benton, Jay Rock, Xzibit, Kurupt, B-Real, Demrick, Serius Jones, Freeway, a whole lot of people. I’ve also done some co-production work with Justice Leauge.

How exactly did you get those artists to hear your instrumentals? How did they contact you, letting know they were going to be using your instrumental(s)?

It’s a lot of different stories. The one I want to talk about is MGK. It was the joint that let me know that this is possible. No one where I’m from ever did it. Kind of felt like u had to go to a city but that’s the thing that set my music career into motion so I wanted to tell that story. I was on Twitter & I used to follow Irv. Irv used to work with Rock City & would post on Twitter- send beats for Rock City. So I go to my sent folder and look up Irv’s name, I see that I’ve hit Irv 7 times & he has never responded. So I’m like man Irv don’t fuck with my beats so I’m not gonna hit him. Then on Twitter Daren retweets Irv & puts my name & tells me to send beats to Irv so I’m like fuck it why not. Irv actually hits back this time so I’m like cool, that kind of starts that relationship. A year or something goes by. I make the decision to go to A3C, no plans, no nothing I’m just winging it. I had 4 dudes I had made connections with but 3 of them flaked out on me. So I hit up Irv & Irv told me to come thru. It was my first time ever in a studio. I was in there with Rock City & they have recorded to my tracks I’ve never heard before & they play it & I’m like wow. Also that night I met Roc N Mayne. That night I end up staying Irv & wake up early the next day & make a beat, that eventually becomes a co-production Placement with Tinashe thru Roc N Mayne. They got it placed with her. So then Irv tells me about this new artist he has named MGK who just put out his first project & was starting to get a crazy buzz online & asks if I want to produce for him. I’m like hell yeah let’s do it. So fast forward a little ways & MGK gets signed to Bad Boy & a joint from years earlier made the album. It changed my world view & my perceptive & it let me know that this music shit is possible. Y’all changed my life for real. But what if I didn’t hit him. I wasn’t going to hit him. So shout out to Daren that told me to hit him. If there are any opportunities u need to take it. Even if u feel slightly wack about it it could be the one thing that changes your life. 99% won’t hit back but it could be that 1%. That eventually built into me getting placements with Rock City, then Tinashe, then MGK, which allowed me to other opportunities.

When and how did you hear the record on your instrumental?

I first heard it after MGK recorded it & Irv called me & played it over the phone & I could barely hear it but I said that shit is dope because I knew MGK would kill it & it’s my beat.

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