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Improved Search + Bottom Menu 2.0

December 29, 2022TRAKTRAIN

Hey everyone, here is a list of the latest updates and improvements we have made.

Updated Search Engine now works MUCH more accurately & faster. Mobile Player Bottom Menu now has additional Profile button to jump to the most important website pages without closing the player.

Search Engine Update

We’ve updated the Search Engine relevancy and loading speed. It now works MUCH faster 🚅
Improved relevancy gives better results searching through all available keywords used for the track, like producer name, title, tags, and genres.

Mobile Player Bottom Menu 2.0

Use bottom menu Profile pop-up to locate through the most important TRAKTRAIN pages. All together with recent update 🔎 Search pop-up menu and ▶️ Play button.
🔔 Notification Center coming soon.

🛠️ Improvements Log:

  • Fixed the Track Information block align for Upload Track/Upload Music pages;
  • Improved Play and Search behavior in Mobile Player.

Thank you for your support in 2022. Stay tuned for new updates in 2023! 🎄
Best regards, TRAKTRAIN Team.

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