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It’s Black Friday — Use DISCOUNT CODES!

November 24, 2021TRAKTRAIN

Hey everyone, on the eve of Black Friday, we encourage you to remind about yourself & increase the sales among your subscribers and customers using DISCOUNT CODES! 🏷️

DISCOUNT CODES functionality is available on the 100 and UNLIMITED PLAN. If you still use FREE membership, this is a great opportunity to try our new tool and evaluate its capabilities to the fullest – just activate it for a convenient period.

Here is the step-by-step guide to WINNING:

1. Activate the PLAN if you do not have it yet – you can do that here:

2. Export available emails captured so far from the Mailing page by hitting the EXPORT button – you will receive a CSV or XLSX sheet file:

3. Organize the mailing list process manually or through the convenient mailing service;

4. ???? PROFIT!!!!

⚠️ Have questions or need help? Contact us here:

TRAKTRAIN Team wishes you great success this weekend! 🤍

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