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Messenger Update

March 17, 2022TRAKTRAIN

We are happy to present to you one of the most awaited TRAKTRAIN updates – MESSENGER.

A fully functional means of communication through the platform with an ability to track message status (delivered/read), and a simple search through the history. If you have ever sent anything to anyone through the CONTACT form, you can now check your correspondence on this page:

A single message character limit is 5000. Enough to confess your feelings, but probably not the best one to write a book. Please keep in mind that there is also an anti-spam system in place to prevent misuse of this service from any kind of chat-bots, and other spamming techniques.

If you have the “Send message notifications” option selected in the profile Settings, a notification letter is be sent once a new message has been received and not read in the last half hour. So we promise not to spam too much here. However, you can always uncheck this box in the profile Settings.

New messages allow to receive status updates in real time without the need to reload the page every time.

And yeah, this is only the v.1.0. We will collect user feedback/suggestions to improve its functionality and features in the nearest months to make it even better.

Thank you for your support. Stay tuned for new updates and releases.
Best regards, TRAKTRAIN Team.

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