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Mobile Player Update + Rails For Everyone

December 16, 2022TRAKTRAIN

Hey everyone, here is a list of the latest updates and improvements we have made.

New Mobile Player Bottom Menu navigation + Filtered Search, Recommendation System is now available for unlogged users. We have also fixed several issues with non-playable/skipping tracks & did a few minor improvements.

Mobile Player Bottom Menu + Filtered Search

Simply navigate through the website without having to minimize the player:

🔍 Tap on the SEARCH button to open Search Filters pop-up. Select the requirements for your current search query and hit APPLY – you will quickly jump to the specific listing of beats, kits, or music without having to close the player.

⏯️ Tap on the PLAY button to jump to the whole community BEATS listing.

🛒 Tap on the CART button to jump to your current cart page.

Recommendations For Everyone

🚅 TRAKTRAIN Rails are now available for unlogged users.

However, this listing is not personalized, it is based on the whole community preferences. Login to get a personalized listing of tracks based on your behavior on the site, including listening history, likes, tracks metadata, and even tracks spectrogram matching.

🛠️ Improvements Log:

  • Fixed different non-playable/skipping tracks issues;
  • Fixed Track Mix freeze after closing the player during the pre-loading of new listing;
  • Fixed no playing of track after second click on the producer avatar play button on the View Profile page;
  • Fixed empty cart $0.50 total price issue.

Thank you for your support. Stay tuned for new updates.
Best regards, TRAKTRAIN Team.

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