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New Features and Bug Fixes Ep. 10

November 22, 2021TRAKTRAIN

Hey everyone, here is a list of the latest updates and improvements we have made.

Pay with a bank card for a MEMBERSHIP PLAN, stay logged in on multiple devices, listen to Afrobeat & Hyperpop among other genres, and easily paste your text into the CONTACT form, also lots of bugs/usability/layout fixes.

We are also currently working on a MESSENGER system, and OFFER YOUR PRICE functionality that will be available in the next-door updates.

New Features Available:

Bank Card Payment for MEMBERSHIP PLAN

We have added a way to check out the subscription payment with a credit card using Stripe! Simply pay with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay, JCB, & Discover 💳

Multiple Login Sessions

Multi-session is now available. Stay logged in from all your devices at the same time 💜

2 New Genres

Two new genres were added to the Genre filters for all beat listings: Afrobeat & Hyperpop.

Bug Fixes Log:

  • CTRL+V Copy-Paste in CONTACT forms and email input during the registration now available;
  • Fixed double-track publication when pressing the SCHEDULE/PUBLISH button several times on the Track Editor / Upload pages;
  • Free Download feature now works with Stations tracks;
  • Beats listings loading speed improved;
  • Fixed inability to add several license types to the same track inside the cart in the Widget beat store;
  • Kit’s links now open a profile with filtering by kits, not by tracks;
  • The Kits / Beats filter switcher now remembers its state during the use of the platform;
  • Several readability errors were fixed in different text blocks on the website;
  • Fixed scrollbar availability on the Choose contract pop-up window in the MP3 Lease Upload Track page section;
  • Fixed Publishing % hint behavior on the Create Contract page;
  • Fixed required fields position on the Edit personal data page;
  • Fixed cookies pop-up window behavior on mobile devices;
  • Fixed Soundcloud icon behavior in the header;
  • Fixed discount coupon layout on Firefox desktop;

Thank you for your support. Stay tuned for new updates and releases.
Best regards, TRAKTRAIN Team.

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