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New Features and Bug Fixes Ep. 12

March 5, 2022TRAKTRAIN

Hey everyone, here is a list of the latest updates and improvements we’ve made.

Select a certain type of license for which the discount code will be active, check and manage your current MEMBERSHIP status, safe delete tracks from the cart, and scroll beats listings on mobile devices easier than ever.

New Features Available:

Discount Codes Update

When creating a new discount code, you can now select a certain type of license for which the promotion will be active. In case there is no type of license selected, new discount code will apply to all types.


You can now always check & manage your current subscription status, and the date of the next auto-renewal at the upper corner of the MEMBERSHIP & BILLING page.

New Cart Page + Safe Delete Track

Updated the Cart page for better user experience, and use of discount codes. You can now safely delete a track from the cart, meaning adding it to wishlist instead of removing it from the cart.

Optimized Beats Listings Scroll (Mobile)

Header and footer elements are now fixed for ease of use. There is now 40 tracks list on a page with a LOAD MORE button at the end to load the next list of tracks.

Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements Log:

  • The SCHEDULE/PUBLISH button now shows “LOADING…” status during the process of track publishing;
  • Fixed discount codes application and use behavior on paid plans;
  • Fixed inability to edit “christmas 2021 sale” tagged tracks.

Thank you for your support. Stay tuned for new updates and releases.
Best regards, TRAKTRAIN Team.

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