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New Features and Bug Fixes Ep. 9

September 16, 2021TRAKTRAIN

Hey everyone, here is a list of the latest updates and improvements we have made.

Updated contracts system (!!!), updated beat ranking algorithm (!!!), new website error page with reloading page button, a bunch of new email notifications to stay in touch about current membership plan status + successful purchase of a kit page bug hotfix.

New Features Available:

Contracts System Update

Now you can link a custom or default contract to a specific track.* This can be done either during the uploading process or from the My Tracks page by editing a single track or several tracks together.

All contracts are now stored on the new My Contracts page:

On this page, you can create a new contract, preview, edit, duplicate, add a custom title, and description, or delete the existing one(s) (excluding default contracts).

Each type of License can be provided with several types of custom contracts to choose from by a producer.

*Available on a paid membership.

Beat Ranking Algorithm Update

We’ve updated beat ranking algorithms to make it both more transparent and competitive for our community members to promote and sell beats.

Here is a list of principles that became a basis for this update:

  • Freshness – New tracks have more opportunities to increase incoming traffic;
  • Profile Activity – Developing a profile on the platform will allow more buyers to find your beats. Efforts rewarded :);
  • Beat & Producer Metrics – We help to attract more traffic to songs and authors that our audience likes, however, we remain very beginner-friendly and do not purposefully promote big names or paid membership users. Our market conditions are equal for everyone.

New Website Error Page

In case there is ongoing maintenance, error, or any other kind of technical issue happening the new error page displays the current status with a reload page button to easily monitor the website’s current availability.

New Membership Email Notifications

We’ve implemented and designed a series of new email notifications about Membership plans to keep in touch about it and to prevent different unexpected cases. From now on our users will receive an email notification after:

  • Buying and activating a plan;
  • Purchase failure (problem with payment during purchase);
  • Subscription expiration warning (3 days before expiration);
  • End of subscription (out of money);
  • Auto-renewal alert (3 days before renewal);
  • Automatic renewal of subscription;
  • Cancellation of automatic subscription (after switching to a free plan).

Bug Fixes Log:

  • Fixed Success page behavior after successful purchase of a kit.

Thank you for your support. Stay tuned for new updates and releases.
Best regards, TRAKTRAIN Team.

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