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New Features & Bug Fixes Ep. 2

September 30, 2020TRAKTRAIN

Hey everyone, here is a list of the latest updates and improvements we’ve made.

Besides a bunch of bug fixes, solved short-term technical issues, placeholders updates, and visual improvements, we are excited to introduce you Top Charts and fully customizable contracts!

New Features Available:

Top Charts

Be aware of the trends with our regularly updated charts of producers and artists. We’ve updated algorithms so you will never miss anything new, edgy, and trendy, while there is also a random chance for every new producer to reach out to their first clients;

Fully customizable contracts

Contract terms are fully customizable now for all license types. To make your rules, in the EDIT TERMS section tap on switcher from
“Prepared terms” to “Full customized terms” and then type everything you need to fit the specific needs. You can also always switch back to basic terms or reset custom terms to default.

Customers and captured email page

Now you can easily look through and export captured emails data from sold or free download tracks to CSV/XLSX file that can be then used for mailing purposes.

New “This feature is unavailable on free plan” placeholder

Added “This feature is unavailable on free plan” placeholder for all pages.

Bug Fixes Log:

  • Change password functionality fixed for Customer users;
  • Updated the Registration Forms on all devices;
  • Light Mode visual is now set as default for not authorized users (all devices);
  • Fixed Split Sales checkbox behavior when MP3 is uploaded;
  • Delayed track publishing is available to producers with a paid subscription. If the subscription expired, when editing a track for which delayed publication was enabled, it was impossible to uncheck the “Schedule Later” checkbox. Accordingly, it was impossible to save any changes to the track. Fixed 🙂
  • Fixed Featured and Side Ads behavior on the Free plan;
  • Added Apply button in the Filters block of the Profile pages on mobile devices;
  • Fixed the Stats page behavior when music is playing;
  • Fixed Filter Block behavior when the Profile Tracks page is opened with no materials inside on the Free plan;
  • When editing a track, the default prices that the user sets on the Edit Terms page were not displayed in the Edit Terms page – fixed;
  • Removed “Preview contract” button from the Lease Terms pop-up window when a kit is selected for purchase;
  • Updated Upload / Remove image elements behavior and visual on the Setting page (both Producers and Customers profiles);
  • Fixed the Stats page elements behavior;
  • Fixed the Empty Cart page’s button position;
  • Fixed Kit label layout on all devices;
  • Fixed elements behavior in the Lease Terms pop-up window;
  • Fixed Active track visual on Mobile devices;
  • Fixed “Cancel your current subscription” text visual on the Membership page.

Thank you for your support. Stay tuned for new updates and releases.
Best regards, TRAKTRAIN Team.

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