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Pitch Modulation Tutorial

March 22, 2018Misc Inc

With lo-fi beats, you hear the old vinyl effect a lot. The pitch of the piano, guitar or even the whole beat goes up and down which creates a super old school, mellow vibe.
I’m going to show how to rebuild this in Ableton Live using the Simple Delay.

Get that old vinyl feeling

Firstly – insert the device on your track.

Link the left and right channel and select ‘time’ as your delay mode.

Select ‘Link’ and ‘Time’ for the desired effect

Now drag and drop a LFO device from Max For Live right next to the delay and map the timing to the lfo modulation.

This will make the timing swing at the rate of the oscillator. With the repitch mode turned on, it will always try to pitch the audio to the right delay settings.

Choose a range between 1 ms to 30 ms. Now you can play around with the depth and the rate.

Select a small range (0% – 7%) and play around with the rate and depth parameter

Boom – now you have that wonky vinyl effect.

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