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Quicktip for correct processing

May 10, 2018Misc Inc

Processing takes place at all stages of your production. Whether it’s sound design, mixing or mastering, you’ll at some point throw an EQ or a compressor on your track.

While the following tip is pretty basic it’s overseen by many producers.

Keep the input leveled with the output

When you process your sound just keep in mind level your output to your input. So when you bypass the effect you should have the same volume. This makes sense as you can judge what you did better. Your hearing tends to favour elements which are louder than others. By keeping the same volume, you don’t fall into that trap.

Gain staging is everything in mixing

During the mixing process you may come to a point where you can’t turn anything louder without causing it to clip.

The source of this problem could be that you never turned down the output of your compressor to match your input.

Input matches Output

Have this little trick in mind while processing and have a good week.

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