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Traktrain relaunch 2nd anniversary

December 20, 2019chethelesser

Hello everyone! Today we are celebrating our second anniversary since Traktrain’s relaunch in 2017. Here is what we have done so far and what we are planning to do in 2020.

Done this year

Dark mode, Homepage redesign, Bottom player for desktop

We have improved our homepage design for easier navigation and modern feel and added a dark mode that is easier on the eyes. Additionally, we improved our music player by having the play button on the bottom and adding a volume control in the desktop version.

Dark mode release cover

Credit cards

We added Stripe as a payment option, enabling our customers to use credit cards to pay for instrumentals.

Customer registration

Starting this year, customers can register on Traktrain, so they can track their purchases, “wish list” beats, subscribe to producers for updates and message them.

Customer pages release cover

Stats for producers

Producers can now see various statistics on their Traktrain account such as plays, sales, wishlists, and followers.

Added Genres / Filters

Now you can easily filter the list of the beats by Genre, Type of leasing, BPM, and free download availability.

Artist pages

We added another page option for producers and customers to combine all social media links, videos, pics, and instrumentals into one designated source.

Coming soon

  1. Updated widget – new design and customization options, tracking with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel – coming very soon;
  2. Updated Contracts – we are working on fine-tuning the licenses and contracts for producers and more convenient methods of receiving them in PFD format for customers;
  3. Profile pages redesign – we want to make your personal profiles more modern to make it easier on the eyes and aesthetically more balanced.
  4. Bottom player for mobile – you will soon be able to navigate the website while listening to tracks.
  5. Beats discount coupons – this marketing tool will be available for producers to create promo codes for discounts.
  6. «Follow for free download» functional – get in touch with your listeners – you will be able to have a mandatory social network subscription if a customer is downloading your free track;
  7. Stations redesign – a better layout to keep more eyes and ears on the beats added there.
  8. Top charts – be aware of the trends with our regularly updated charts of producers and artists;
  9. More search and filters options – kits, key, and others – so you can more easily find exactly what you need
  10. Multi-language – we are continuing our work to translate the website to get to worldwide level.


Thank you so much for your support. Stay tuned for new updates and releases. We wish you all the best in the upcoming year.

Best regards,


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