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Time management for producers

April 26, 2018Misc Inc

Are you sometimes feel that you don’t use the time you have efficient enough? Or do you struggle to find time at all to make music?

I was at this point as well and want to help you find a way to organize yourself and squeeze the most out of it.

Find your big things

We all have some things in our life that need our attention. Maybe you have a fulltime job, a family, a house to keep. All these things take your time. Time to make music, time to get yourself further as an artist. Make a list what takes most of your day. Especially focus on ‘downtime’ like browsing the internet, watching tv and stuff. Just document your whole day. You’ll see that there is probably a lot more time than you thought to make music.

Sacrify one hour of watching tv for one hour of making music a day you’ll have 7 hours of pure productivity in a week! That’s pretty awesome.

What you need to get better I want to make it. I want to live from what I love the most. That’s why I found what I need to do to get better at music.

These things are:

  • Produce music from start to finish
  • Practice new techniques
  • Organize my day/week and sample library
  • Promote my music

So each of these task need to be done to help my musical career. Let’s squeeze those tasks in.

Write a timetable

I knew I want to try it, so I just have a part time job. This being said means, that I some free days in the week. Those free days are very dangerous as I tend to just chill around. So I made a very specific schedule to organize my day.

Timetable of a day without any work

Do it on your own:

  • Write down every hour of a day, each day of the week
  • First put in all the chunks of time you absolutely need to do (Job, getting kids from school, etc.)
  • Then check for any spare time to fill in with producing actual music (don’t think too much about sounddesign or if your idea sucks. Just get things done in these times)
  • Write down the rest of your task so you have a week full of productive hours

I know this sounds crazy. And it’s really hard to really stick to that schedule, but see this more as a tiny helper to direct you, than a solid plan you have to stick to.

It helped me a lot cleaning my head and getting me through the day.

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