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The Top 7 Websites You Should Know As A Producer By Sam Lang

April 17, 2019traktrain

Over the years I have utilized many websites that have made my life as a producer much easier. And today, I would like to present them to you. Here are 7 websites that you, as a producer, need to know!


Where do you find the best samples? Splice! Hands down the best and highest quality website to find samples to use in your beats. You simply pay a subscription each month granting you tokens or credits to spend on samples, search out sample packs which you are interested in, and individually choose out which samples you would like to download. I have always found Splice’s packs to be super high quality and their membership pricing is very fair, I find. Splice has a wide range or sample packs and all samples are unique and mixed professionally.


MailChimp is a website where you can easily send out emails to your email list of rappers and contacts of whom purchase beats from you. They have a free plan and a paid plan, both with awesome features. They couldn’t have made it easier to create a promotional email for your offers, news, and new beats. Those of you who aren’t using MailChimp are missing out on lots of potential sales from rappers who buy your beats but don’t check your page regularly enough to be informed on new offers and deals you may be running.


Canva is an amazing website for creating graphics for your social media, beats, profiles, and website. It provides you with a crazy amount of templates for social media posts, newsletters, logos, banners and more. The website is super easy to use and for the most part, it is totally free. There are a few benefits of upgrading to the pro version but for all intents and purposes, you can create some sick graphics without the need or knowledge of a complex and expensive program such as Adobe Photoshop. I highly recommend this to anyone in need of a huge step in your visuals!


I know, I have been there too. Running around with a million different things to do can be very stressful and sometimes leaves you demotivated when you haven’t gotten your to-do list completed. Even more so as a producer as it really can put a strain on your personal life since not everyone is fortunate enough to focus solely on music. I present to you Google Keep. Available on desktop and as an app, use this app to write to-do lists, keep reminders and write down important information about a task. As a busy producer running multiple ventures at once alongside being a producer, this app has helped me immensely to keep track of my goals.


This website is very useful for performing musical calculations such as calculating BPM, beats, transposing semitones and much more features. I have found this website very useful for when I am sampling and the sample is in an awkward time signature or when I need to calculate how many semitones I need to raise or lower the sample so it stretches out perfectly into a loop. This site has been very helpful and I urge those of you into sampling and music manipulation to make use of it!


This site generates chords based on what instrument, style, scale, and key you are playing in. It can give you suggestions on what chords to play next and in what order. Sometimes you are hit with a massive bout of the beat block and you aren’t sure what chord to play next, that’s when you make use of It has helped me create the perfect set of chords for any feeling I am going for. Highly recommend for those who are more musical theory inclined and interested in creating unique chord progressions.


If you are looking to tune your ears and be able to recognize the tone of a note without seeing the note being played itself then Pitchimprover is a great site for that. It teaches you how to detect notes and tones and what exercises to practice to improve this skill. This is very useful to know as a producer because when you play out a melody in your head, you might have some difficulty in getting down on MIDI or on the keyboard. But when you have taken the time to learn how to recognize specific pitches and tones, then translating that sick new melody in your will be easy peasy. Highly recommended for those looking to expand their musical knowledge and take their melody game to the next level.


So there you are, 7 Websites from graphic design, music theory to sample digging to help you along your producer journey. I hope you haven’t heard of at least a couple of these and I helped you out in some way or another. Sam Lang signing out.

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