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TRAKTRAIN relaunch first Anniversary

December 20, 2018chethelesser

It has been a year since we launched the newer & improved version of TRAKTRAIN. We have been working hard fixing hundreds of bugs, improved the upload speed by using multiple upload servers and constantly improving our platform based on the feedback we get from our users. Thanks to you, we are constantly making TRAKTRAIN more enhanced.

Here is the list of features we have introduced within this year:

Traktrain mobile version

Mobile version

With the mobile devices rise in popularity it is essential for web applications to be optimized for their users. Our top priority was to release a mobile version of TRAKTRAIN for more convenience on smaller screens without compromising any features or functionality.

Traktrain player widget

Player widget

All users now have the option to create a widget for the TRAKTRAIN player for embedding it into external websites. You can easily customize its size and look using the graphical controls in the Widget section.

Traktrain mixing service

Mixing service

We now offer professional online mixing services. With it, you get to choose from two options. If you want just the mixing with minimal sound replacement, we have the leaner Clean Mix package available. If you want to benefit from TRAKTRAIN’s insider knowledge and get your track enhanced by some of our best producers, then the more flexible Creative Control package is an option for you.

Traktrain + Splice

Splice collab

In 2018, the TRAKTRAIN Channel appeared on Splice – one of the largest platforms for musical collaborations. As a result, all our major releases are now on Splice so the creators get more exposure and more profit.

Coming Soon

As long as the suggestions keep coming, we are not planning to stop and will keep the new features coming. As always, our team is working on improving TRAKTRAIN continuously to make sure our users get the best experience possible. So here are our main objectives for 2019:

Night mode

We are planning to release a dark theme for our website as soon as early 2019. This was on our list last year but with the high demand of the embedded player, we had to put this on the back burner.


Being user-friendly for all users is why we are preparing the translation of TRAKTRAIN into several languages. We are currently working on German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese versions of the site.

Credit cards

We are looking into options of adding credit cards as a payment method. Our focus is to still preserve the 0% fee for both creators and consumers from our side.

Fixed player bar with volume slider

We received a lot of requests for this feature, and we will make it happen soon.

Youtube live 24/7 radio

To create more access to our weekly playlists, we will launch a non-stop stream of the TRAKTRAIN play podcast on Youtube hosted by Penny Slawinski.

Customer registration

We are working on introducing non-producer accounts on our platform so the users can track their favorite creators and stations.

Our users are our top priority, so if you have feedback of any kind – a feature request or a problem on the website, do not hesitate to contact us.
Stay tuned for updates, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best wishes,

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