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TRAKTRAIN update: customer pages now available

June 4, 2019traktrain

For the last 4 months, we have been working on ways to help producers and customers create & connect more efficiently.  We are glad to inform you about the new TRAKTRAIN update, that includes:

  • Customer pages: Now anyone can register on our site as a customer, which will allow them to save information about their purchases, add beats to a wishlist, subscribe to producers for new releases and message them.
  • Producer profile page redesign: We have updated the design of personal accounts for more convenience, added a feed for notifications, and added a followers section for you to see the customers that are following you.
  • Account management in the mobile version of the site. Now more functionality from the desktop version is available on mobile devices.

Customer pages

If you’re wanting to make an account for purchasing instrumentals, let’s take a look on how to register.

When you click Log In, you will see a REGISTER button. After you click it, you can choose what type of account you want to register under. While producer accounts still require an invite code, you can register your customer account without any invitation process simply by filling out the form.

The new pages will look like this:

Next, you will see a CONTACT, FOLLOW, and ADD TO WISHLIST (heart icon) buttons on ever producer’s page:

By following producers, this will allow you to receive notifications on new uploads and contact them easier.

You can navigate back to your profile and click FOLLOWING to see the producers added.

Now customers will have the option to add instrumentals to their wishlist to play them or add them to their cart.

You can navigate back to your profile and click WISHLIST to see the tracks added.

Below is an example of how the notification will look when a new instrumental has been uploaded by a producer you follow.

If you click the producer’s name, you will see a popup with their social media accounts and a contact button to message them directly on TRAKTRAIN.

We have removed the contact email from producer profiles and replaced them with a contact form. How does it work? Messages still go to your contact email but now you’ll be notified in your feed as well. It’s a common problem to have your email go to a spam folder. With the new feed notifications, you are always in touch. If you are annoyed by any notification emails, you can disable it in settings and have all of your notifications in your feed.

When a producer replies, you’ll see this:


The last customer profile page is the order history page. No worries if your purchase email went to spam or you didn’t get it because of a full inbox.

Customer pages are very basic (for now) but a good starting point for customers.

In addition, all of these pages are available on our mobile version.


Producer profile changes

It took some time to understand how to improve the user experience and have things still simple.  So, let’s start with the track upload & edit.


Besides the new design, we got rid of the “steps” pages and put everything you need for the track upload on one page with 3 sections. It was a problem before to start uploading and go back to the first step to edit the track name or picture and your upload would stop, now this issue is fixed.

Next is the MY TRACKS page:

We decided to remove all of the prices on the page and save space by putting the track image there.  This helps with navigating through your tracks. Also we added a search filter and pagination.  It was a problem for users with 100+ beats but now it loads 50 beats per page and you can click the LOAD MORE button at the bottom to show more.

Next, is the new settings page replacing the old edit profile page

The old edit profile page was very busy so now EDIT TERMS and PAYMENT INFO have their own pages.


Also, we added a BILLING page to manage your subscriptions.  Previously it was just at the header menu and was hard to navigate to.


Besides the customer accounts, producers also have new pages. First, is the feed page. Producers will receive notifications when:

  • customers add their beats to a wishlist
  • customers follow them
  • customers or producers send messages
  • notifications of payments received

The widget page is still same but a new version is already in development

On the producer’s profile on mobile, we also made some renovations. Now you can edit your settings, quick edit your tracks, payment info, change your subscription and promote tracks.

Besides all of the visible changes, we have fixed a lot of bugs and prepared our system for future updates so stay tuned for more!


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