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XXXTentacion Predicted His Funeral in Recent SAD! Video

July 2, 2018Penny

Posthumous release

After Jahseh Onfroy, known as XXXtentacion passed, his music video “Sad” released. He is an American rapper remembered for his free-thinking spirit.

The eerie coincidence

“Sad” is a representation of X killing himself in the metaphorical and trying to correct his wrongs. Death gave him the power to spread positive energy to the world and a chance to confront who he was.

A sad reminder of his unfinished business

X attends his own funeral to rid himself of his old life because he had to set his own judgment. In battle, X overpowers his former self, which indicates his past doesn’t have a hold on his present. Asked by the reaper “Are you satisfied”, XXXtentacion begins walking off screen hinting that there’s more work to be done.

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