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AI Mixing & Mastering: Best Services, Plugins, and Tools

March 28, 2024TRAKTRAIN

Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into music production marks a revolutionary leap forward, offering unparalleled precision, efficiency, and innovation. As we venture deeper into the digital age, AI’s role in shaping the soundscape of modern music becomes increasingly significant. From mixing to mastering, AI-driven services and plugins are transforming music creation, enabling artists and producers to achieve studio-quality sound with remarkable ease. Let’s explore the importance of AI in music production, how it aids in music creation and processing, and review some of the best AI tools and services available today.

The Importance of Applying AI in Modern Music

AI’s application in music transcends mere novelty; it’s a game-changer for producers and artists across genres. By automating complex processes such as mixing and mastering, AI allows creators to focus on the creative aspects of music production. It democratizes high-quality music production, making it accessible to artists at every level and eliminating barriers to entry in the competitive music industry. Moreover, AI’s ability to analyze and learn from vast amounts of data means it can offer personalized suggestions, further enhancing the creative process.

How Does AI Help in Music Creation and Processing?

AI assists in music creation and processing by:

  • Automating Tedious Tasks: Tasks like equalization, compression, and level balancing can be time-consuming. AI algorithms can automate these precisely by analyzing thousands of successful tracks;
  • Personalized Sound Enhancement: By analyzing a track’s genre, mood, and structure, AI can suggest adjustments to improve its overall sound, often surpassing general presets;
  • Efficiency and Accessibility: AI tools make mixing and mastering more efficient, allowing quick adjustments and iterations. This accessibility opens up professional-quality production to a broader range of creators.

Review of AI Tools and Services for Music Processing

Let’s delve into some of the most innovative AI tools and services that are reshaping music production:

  1. LANDR
    • Overview: LANDR uses AI to provide instant mastering services, analyzing your music to apply genre-specific enhancements;
    • Features: It offers mastering options tailored to the intended distribution platform (e.g., streaming, vinyl) and an AI-driven distribution service to get your music on major platforms;
    • Benefits: Quick turnaround and consistent results make LANDR a favorite among independent artists looking to polish their tracks efficiently.
  2. iZotope Ozone
    • Overview: iZotope Ozone is a software that incorporates AI-driven mastering assistants, guiding users through the mastering process with professional precision;
    • Features: Its Master Assistant uses AI to create custom presets based on the sonic profile of your music. The Tonal Balance Control analyzes and optimizes your track’s tonal balance;
    • Benefits: Offers both beginners and seasoned professionals a way to achieve a balanced, professional master with less guesswork.
  3. Sonible smart:comp
    • Overview: Sonible smart:comp is a spectral compressor that employs AI to streamline the compression process and ensure dynamic balance across the frequency spectrum;
    • Features: The plugin’s AI quickly analyzes the audio signal to set parameters for transparent compression tailored to the track’s characteristics;
    • Benefits: Saves time tweaking compression settings while achieving a well-balanced, dynamically consistent mix.
  4. Boomy
    • Overview: Boomy is an innovative service that lets users create original songs with AI, offering an easy entry point into music creation;
    • Features: Users select a style, and Boomy’s AI generates a complete track. They can customize the song further, and Boomy handles mixing and mastering;
    • Benefits: Enables anyone to create and release music, regardless of technical skill or experience, democratizing music creation.
  5. AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist)
    • Overview: AIVA is an AI-powered composition tool designed to create original music scores for movies, games, commercials, and other forms of media;
    • Features: It analyzes classical music compositions to generate new pieces in similar styles. Users can customize the emotion, length, and instrumentation of the compositions;
    • Benefits: Offers a quick and innovative way to produce original, copyright-free music, making it ideal for content creators in need of unique soundtracks.
  6. Amper Music
    • Overview: Amper Music focuses on enabling users to create and customize original music by defining mood, style, and length, without needing any musical expertise;
    • Features: Provides an intuitive interface for music creation, with AI handling composition, performance, and production processes;
    • Benefits: Streamlines music production for media projects, allowing for rapid creation and iteration of music tracks tailored to specific project needs.
  7. Wavesfactory TrackSpacer
    • Overview: While not purely AI-driven, TrackSpacer employs a sidechain concept with an advanced algorithm to create space in a mix by analyzing the frequency spectrum of a lead track and applying an inverse EQ curve to another track;
    • Features: Real-time analysis of audio signals to dynamically apply EQ and compression where necessary, ensuring elements in a mix have their own space;
    • Benefits: Simplifies the mixing process, particularly in dense arrangements, ensuring clarity and balance without manual tweaking of EQ and sidechain compression settings.
  8. Zynaptiq Intensity
    • Overview: Intensity is an AI-based mastering tool that uses facial recognition algorithms repurposed for audio signal processing, enhancing detail, clarity, and perceived loudness of a mix without increasing peak levels;
    • Features: It offers a unique approach to dynamics processing, blending aspects of compression, limiting, and EQ to enhance musical details dynamically;
    • Benefits: Provides a novel way to add punch and definition to mixes and masters, with minimal user input required for achieving professional-sounding results.


The advent of AI in music production is not a displacement of human creativity but an enhancement, a tool that opens up new possibilities for expression and innovation. By leveraging AI-driven services and plugins for mixing and mastering, creators can achieve polished, professional-sounding tracks, allowing them to focus more on the artistry of music creation. As technology continues to evolve, the integration of AI in music is set to become even more seamless, heralding a new era of music production where technology and creativity converge in harmony. Whether you’re an aspiring artist, a seasoned producer, or somewhere in between, embracing AI tools can elevate your sound and streamline your production process, propelling your music into the future.

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