• Guidebook For Producers

    July 6, 2023 TRAKTRAIN

    To get you up to speed with all the latest features, we’ve put together a detailed guidebook 📖 This treasure trove of information will provide you with insights and tips to make the most out of TRAKTRAIN 💪 READ NOW 👀   Thank you for your support. Stay tuned for new updates. Best regards, TRAKTRAIN…

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  • How to Build an Email List by using TRAKTRAIN by zJakkies

    May 24, 2022 TRAKTRAIN

    Retargeting your warm clientele is an important factor in having a successful beat store business. You could potentially be missing out on genuine connections if you don’t. What I am talking about you may ask? Email Marketing / Retargeting One of the most crucial ways to inform your existing audience is through email marketing. Think…

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  • Interview w/ Kana Beats | Music Producer Tips, Online Networking, How To TRAKTRAIN

    March 25, 2022 TRAKTRAIN

    Kana Beats, music producer from Los Angeles, CA tells us the story about being a music producer in 2022. Check out Kana Beats TRAKTRAIN profile, and other socials: https://traktrain.com/kanabeats https://linktr.ee/beatsbykana Beats used in the background: https://traktrain.com/kanabeats?t=860206 https://traktrain.com/kanabeats?t=609259 https://traktrain.com/kanabeats?t=603964 https://traktrain.com/kanabeats?t=523339 https://traktrain.com/kanabeats?t=480396 https://traktrain.com/kanabeats?t=907468 – – – – – – – – – – – – -TRAKTRAIN- –…

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  • Beat Battle — How To Participate

    February 8, 2022 TRAKTRAIN

    Hey everyone, we are glad to announce the start of the Beat Battle competitions! ⚔️ Each competition will take place for 2 months. To participate, tag your beat with the “artist-name mon(th) 22 (year)” tagline on traktrain.com, don’t forget to apply changes ✔️ We will provide you with a certain tagline for each competition. The most…

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  • Christmas 2021 Promotion Sale — How To Participate

    December 9, 2021 TRAKTRAIN

    TRAKTRAIN has prepared a special offer for you this Christmas weekend ✨ Give your customers 30% off the purchase for one special beat of yours! Сhoose wisely 🌚 Starting today and up to the 26th December TAG one of your beats with “christmas 2021 sale” tag – it will then automatically receive a 30% discount…

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  • How to Create Promotional Offers

    November 30, 2021 TRAKTRAIN

    Hey everyone, did you know that you can create special Promotional Offers on TRAKTRAIN like 2 beats for 1 price? Check out this short guide on how to do that through the platform. Let’s say that you need to create a “2 WAV Leasings for 1 WAV Leasing” offer. Firstly, you need to go to…

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  • How To Increase Sales Using Mailing Feature

    November 17, 2021 TRAKTRAIN

    Hey everyone, did you know that with the Mailing feature, you can monitor & export your client’s emails after they purchase (or free download) your tracks to help with creating better relationships, & more business opportunities? Here is a short step-by-step guide on how to do that for better results: Go to the Mailing page…

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  • How to save the TRAKTRAIN icon on your phone

    September 14, 2020 TRAKTRAIN

    Want the TRAKTRAIN icon on your phone’s home screen, so it looks like an app? Here’s quick instructions on how to do that for iOS and Android. iOS Step 1. Tap the Share icon (the square with an arrow pointing out of it) at the bottom of the screen; Step 2. Scroll down to the…

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  • Creative use of hip-hop samples and loops in beat making Article

    Loop Kits and Sample Packs Creative Use in Beatmaking

    May 8, 2019 chethelesser

    Music composition with sampled loops may lead to questioning the artist’s originality, but despite that, it is used widely in today’s music, and whole styles rely on this process. Fortunately, there are a lot of loop kits available online – free and paid – so you can choose freely. A few artists, for example, Daft…

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  • Quicktip for correct processing

    Quicktip for correct processing

    May 10, 2018 miscinc

    Processing takes place at all stages of your production. Whether it’s sound design, mixing or mastering, you’ll at some point throw an EQ or a compressor on your track. While the following tip is pretty basic it’s overseen by many producers. Keep the input leveled with the output When you process your sound just keep…

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