• New Features and Improvements Ep. 16

    September 11, 2023 TRAKTRAIN

    Hey everyone, here are the latest updates and improvements we have made since the last update release: Filters for Search Results Now, you can filter search results for specific text or tag queries. Direct Purchase Links Updated Direct Purchase Links now have a unique Traktrain short-link domain. They are generated automatically, so you don’t need…

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  • URGENT PayPal Update

    February 15, 2023 TRAKTRAIN

    Hey, we’ve updated our PayPal integration on TRAKTRAIN. In order to make it available for your page, it requires an additional set up through the Payment Info page. We’ve been using PayPal Adaptive Payments integration since we’ve started TRAKTRAIN, but in 2023 it doesn’t correspond with modern payment system requirements. In short, we’ve partnered with…

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