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New Features and Improvements Ep. 16

September 11, 2023TRAKTRAIN

Hey everyone, here are the latest updates and improvements we have made since the last update release:

Filters for Search Results

Now, you can filter search results for specific text or tag queries.

Direct Purchase Links Updated

Direct Purchase Links now have a unique Traktrain short-link domain. They are generated automatically, so you don’t need external short-link services when sharing links.
Links previews on web will show the track’s title, producer’s name, and an avatar/cover artwork.

Stripe / PayPal APIs Updated + Sales Funnels Boosted

Updated Stripe and PayPal payment integrations for an even lower churn rate and better security of payments on the website. Your customers only need to make around 2 easy purchase steps after opening the link.

We’ve boosted the sales funnels on Traktrain through 2023 and gained a meager churn rate of purchases for website’s and your customer’s traffic.

Recommendation System Improved

We’ve improved recommendation algorithms for customers to pay more attention to which beats are purchased, wishlisted, and shared most on the platform.

New Genres Added

Bachata, Blues, Corridos Tumbados, Cumbia, Disco, Dubstep, Folk, Funk, Gospel, House, Jersey Club, K-Pop, Salsa, Synthwave, Techno, and Trance are added to the Gernes lists for your soul.

Updated Marketing Insights

Improved data purity and added current trend updates on the platform.
Check out the latest Marketing Insights:

Thank you for your support. Stay tuned for new updates.
Best regards, TRAKTRAIN Team.

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