• Experience the Future of Beats on TRAKTRAIN

    November 3, 2023 TRAKTRAIN

    Home Page Update Discover the Hottest Beats with a Fresh Look 🚀 Our main page banners are now supercharged with the latest trending artists beats playlists: check out TOP Playboi Carti, Destroy Lonely, BONES, bladee, and Yeat beats 🎧 Find What You Love Faster and Easier 🔎 With new Search input on the home page,…

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  • AI Personalized Recommendations

    July 21, 2023 TRAKTRAIN

    Dear customers, we are thrilled to announce our brand new feature that will elevate your beats finding experience on TRAKTRAIN to a whole new level 💥 Introducing ‘Personalized Recommendations‘, powered by AI algorithms 🤖 This new feature allows us to showcase the most relevant tracks based on your preferences and previous interactions with the site,…

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