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Bitcoin And Dogecoin Payments Support

April 28, 2022TRAKTRAIN

Hey everyone, let us CHANGE THE GAME for you, for our TRAKTRAIN community, and even ever for the whole beat-selling market – ahead of all possible and impossible boundaries and competitive advantages available anywhere else…

BITCOIN & DOGECOIN payments are now supported on the TRAKTRAIN platform ₿ ⚡🐕

If you’re a producer, proceed to the updated Payment Info page (, and add your crypto wallet address(es) to receive payments in BTC & DOGE. Don’t forget to hit the SAVE button on the right corner to confirm the address, and turn on the toggle on the left corner to enable this payment method.

New Features Available:

Bitcoin & Dogecoin Payments Support

TRAKTRAIN producers can now receive payments in Bitcoin & Dogecoin, while customers can pay for beats using their crypto wallets.

The prices for tracks will remain in $ as usual. Once the producer has added the cryptocurrency payment method to their profile, additional buttons will appear on the payment method selection page.

Upon checkout, it will redirect you to the payment gateway under the selected cryptocurrency (BTC or Doge).

After confirming the payment by the Bitcoin/Dogecoin network, it will redirect you to the page with information about the order, sending a notification email to the previously specified address.

Once every two days, the producer will receive all crypto payments at once to their wallet(s) for the previous period minus the fee (in case there are FREE membership sales % or Stations sales %).

! Note that there is an additional 10% fee from crypto sales for mp3 leasing on the FREE membership plan within 15 tracks limit.

! Remember that crypto payments don’t support the Split Sales feature (yet). However, we may add it in the future updates.
We also updated the Payment Info page so that it’s easier to set up all our available payment methods including the new ones.

PayPal Is No Longer Mandatory To Register And Sell Beats

You can now fully customize your own payment methods. Turn off PayPal & Stripe while using only crypto or vice versa. You can also turn off all payment methods – in this case, the customer will only be able to contact you directly about making a purchase.

Force Split Sales Payment through PayPal

As only PayPal supports Split Sales feature currently, you can now set up a specific rule for such beats. Force customers to pay with PayPal, so you can split the purchase with your co-producer(s) automatically. By default, it will ignore the Split Sales option for other payment methods.

Thank you for your support. Stay tuned for new updates and releases.
Best regards, TRAKTRAIN Team.

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