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“Facts” by Tom MacDonald (feat. Ben Shapiro) – Top Song In The World on iTunes

February 5, 2024TRAKTRAIN

In an unexpected collaboration that has taken the music world by storm, “Facts” by Tom MacDonald, featuring Ben Shapiro, has surged to the top of the iTunes charts globally. This partnership between MacDonald, a controversial and independent rapper known for his politically charged lyrics, and Shapiro, a conservative political commentator and media host, underscores an unprecedented melding of music and political commentary that has resonated widely.

Who is Tom MacDonald?

Tom MacDonald stands as a polarizing figure in the Rap genre, having carved out a niche for himself with his unapologetically confrontational tracks that tackle themes ranging from political correctness and societal issues to mental health and personal struggles. MacDonald’s approach to music, characterized by a direct and often provocative style, aims to challenge the status quo within the industry and society. His self-produced and independently released tracks have garnered a significant following, drawn to MacDonald’s authenticity and willingness to address uncomfortable truths.

Who is Ben Shapiro?

Ben Shapiro, on the other hand, is a prominent figure in conservative political commentary, known for his articulate and rapid-fire debate style. As the founder of The Daily Wire and host of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” he has become a key voice in American conservatism, discussing and dissecting issues ranging from politics and culture to religion and law. Shapiro’s entry into the music scene through “Facts” marks a novel extension of his influence, blending his sharp commentary with the power of music to reach a broader audience.



Rapid Ascent to #1

The track “Facts” quickly ascended the iTunes charts to become the #1 top song globally, a testament to its wide appeal and the curious blend of MacDonald’s rap with Shapiro’s ideological musings. This rapid rise highlights the song’s impact, capturing the attention of listeners worldwide and sparking discussions across the political and musical spectrum.

What is “Facts” About?

Facts” delves into a variety of contentious topics, using MacDonald’s verses to critique societal trends, media bias, and political divisiveness, complemented by Shapiro’s spoken-word interludes that underscore the song’s messages with his signature analytical depth. The collaboration is a bold statement on the current cultural and political climate, inviting listeners to reflect on the complexities of truth and perception in today’s world.

For those interested in experiencing “Facts” and its compelling fusion of Rap and commentary, the song is available on major streaming platforms, with the music video accessible on YouTube here. Additionally, the song’s chart-topping success can be verified through its #1 position on iTunes, as documented on, showcasing its remarkable reception by a global audience.

In conclusion, “Facts” by Tom MacDonald featuring Ben Shapiro is not just a musical release; it’s a cultural phenomenon that underscores the power of music as a medium for commentary and change, resonating with listeners around the world and securing its place at the top of the charts.

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