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How Did You Get Your Placement Rain Beats Ep. 11

January 19, 2019TRAKTRAIN

Rain Beats, music producer from Brooklyn, New York, who worked with Lil Kim, Dream Doll, Metro Boomin’, Cuban Doll, tells us the story on how he managed to work with them.

What’s your name? Where are you from?

What’s up guys, I’m Rain Beats and I’m from Brooklyn, New York.

Who have you worked with?

I’ve worked with Lil Kim, Dream Doll, Metro Boomin’, Cuban Doll among others to name just a few.

How exactly did you get those artists to hear your instrumentals? How did they contact you, letting know they were going to be using your instrumental(s)?

I sent so many emails. That wasn’t working so I started showing up to shows, meet and greets, events or anything I could think of so I could connect with them. I was reaching out to anyone in their circle. Persistence is important in that situation because I just wanted someone to listen to my tracks. The Artist manager would reach out to me, letting me know the record was going to be used. Paperwork would follow. I was handling all business myself at first, which can be very tricky. I would say find educate yourself fully about the art of negotiation before doing this. Also, find good management.

When and how did you hear the record on your instrumental?

The artist or manager would send me a snippet of the song. Songs can easily be leaked, so it’s important to be careful and keep things confidential. Sometimes if I’m in the studio with the artist. we will hear the song once its cut.

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