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How Did You Get Your Placement TRAPMONEYWANG Ep. 16

May 30, 2019TRAKTRAIN

TRAPMONEYWANG, music producer from Ohio, who worked with Famous Dex, tells us the story on how he managed to work with them.

What’s your name? Where are you from?

I am TRAPMONEYWANG artist/producer from Ohio.

Who have you worked with?

I haven’t worked with any major artist until now. That is Famous Dex.

How exactly did you get those artists to hear your instrumentals? How did they contact you, letting know they were going to be using your instrumental(s)?

My instrumentals were heard by Famous Dex through email with his engineers and manager. I sent several emails of beats but I was never contacted by the artist or his team yet. I am currently still waiting.

When and how did you hear the record on your instrumental?

I found out on Instagram that Famous Dex recorded a record with my beats. I am extremely happy this happened.

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