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How to Build an Email List by using TRAKTRAIN by zJakkies

May 24, 2022TRAKTRAIN

Retargeting your warm clientele is an important factor in having a successful beat store business. You could potentially be missing out on genuine connections if you don’t. What I am talking about you may ask?

Email Marketing / Retargeting

One of the most crucial ways to inform your existing audience is through email marketing. Think of your email list as a cushion. In the event of some major social media shutdown, or your account getting hacked; you have a list of emails. That list includes an abundance of people who enjoy your craft and what you have to offer musically. These are the people who are going to follow your new account or check out your releases when you drop. These are your core fans.

Almost everyone who has ever shopped online has been retargeted at some point. Retargeting is a pivotal form of advertising that allows producer. It allows you to keep your beats in front of people who have already shown interest in your music.

Contacting each and everyone of your clients can be time consuming. That’s why we use 3rd party services such as MailChimp or Convertkit; but we’ll get into that later. The more important question is:

How do you start?

The best way to build an email list is to develop an audience and capture their emails. Once you have established a hefty email list (I recommend at least 50 people) you can then create your automated message system.

How do I capture emails with TRAKTRAIN

With TRAKTRAIN, capturing emails has never been easier. After every single transaction, whether it be a purchase or free download; you receive their contact information.

This is a massive opportunity that directly benefits producers. Furthermore & they even have options to incentivize email captures.

Free Beats for Emails?

To enable this feature you must first have beats uploaded to TRAKTRAIN. After you have some beats uploaded, be sure to enable the “Free Download” option.

Wait I have to give my beats away for free? No way!

In this instance it’s all about perspective. Would you rather have 1 $30 sale upfront or a long term customer for life? Providing value to your clients will result in revenue, we must first establish a bond and connection with them.

The goal here is to provide more value to the customer upfront.

The Benefits of Retargeting

Retargeting is a powerful marketing tool that can help you boost your store’s profits. By targeting ads to customers who have already shown an interest in your products or services, you can increase the likelihood of making a sale. Retargeting can also help you build brand awareness and loyalty among your customer base.

  • Increased Sales;
  • Improved ROI;
  • Greater Brand Awareness;
  • Higher Click-Through Rates;
  • Stronger Customer Loyalty.

Think about it! If your beat is good enough & the artist made a good song to your beat; then that’s another stream of traffic.

Your Email Database + Free Template

I recommend putting every email that you collect in your notes or a google spreadsheet. TRAKTRAIN gives you their full name and email which is super convenient.

Export your List

TRAKTRAIN allows you to export the entire collection of contact information with a single button, this will come in handy when joining an email automation service.

Setting up Convertkit Automations

Great work you have your 50 emails. Or better, you have 150 emails, who are all ready to be messaged. You also have an csv file of all of their names which is great. The final task is sending emails, but don’t worry all it takes is one click!

If you are looking for the step by step process on setting up your convert kit account click below!

(Setting up Convertkit for your email list)

Things you can send to your email list:

  • Valuable information that can help them
  • Your new music that just released
  • New / Free Loop, Sample & Drumkits
  • What you’ve been up to (make it personal it’s all about connection!)
  • Controversial Producer Polls, etc


Retargeting is an essential tool for any ecommerce business looking to increase their profits. By understanding how retargeting works and using it effectively, you can boost your store’s bottom line and keep your customers coming back for more.

Thank you for reading. If you aren’t familiar with who I am my name is zJakkies. I have a blog that’s full of producer & musician tips; knowledge that guarantees success for your music career.

Feel free to check it out at: https://zJakkies/blog

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