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Reverse Reverb FX

March 28, 2018Misc Inc

In this blog post I’ll show you how to add some spice to your musical concepts. This particular little trick will lend atmosphere and space to your track.

First you need a chord progression, melody, vocal – or any element you want to work with.

Duplicate the track and reverse the whole section.

Duplicate and reverse your musical idea

Now insert a reverb with a decaytime from 3-6 ms and a dry/wet of 100%

Decaytime of 3-6ms & Dry/wet to 100%

This will ensure you only have the reversed reverb sound. Now bounce the audio to a new audio track, and reverse it again.

Now you have a reverb before each note of your original idea, which introduces it. Mix to your taste and/or apply a sidechain compressor triggered by your dry sample.


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