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ROLAND JONES / Horror Phonk / Memphis Beats

August 7, 2023TRAKTRAIN

Introducing the newest member of TRAKTRAIN community – ROLAND JONES! ☠️ Not just a Horror style Hip-Hop producer, his music transports you to another reality and keeps you there until the last track. With over 20 million streams worldwide, 29 albums, and 25 singles released over the past 5 years, ROLAND JONES is ready to captivate hearts!

For a limited time until 09.08.2023, enjoy a special promo code RJONES187 for 20% OFF on all of Roland’s beats 🏷️

Buy ROLAND JONES Beats exclusively on TRAKTRAIN:

Attention to all music producers out there! 📣 If you:
1. Register within two weeks after the announcement;
2. Subscribe to;
3. DM us with a message “I’m from Roland”;

You will receive an exclusive 23% discount on the monthly 100 PLAN subscription!

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