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Track Mix | Find similar tracks

November 21, 2022TRAKTRAIN

Hey everyone, we are happy to present the new Track Mix feature based on the recommendation system, including several improvements discovered by our users & developers since the last update.

Track Mix | Find similar tracks

Track Mix is a simple way to discover up to 80 new tracks relative to the one playing in your browser at the current moment.

Our brand recent AI-based recommendation system made it possible to deep search the music content posted on TRAKTRAIN to generate unique playlists of relative tracks in real time just for your own experience 🙏

Click on the “🔎 Find similar tracks” or “🔎 Create a playlist of similar tracks” button on the player:

Desktop: Left to the “Play/Pause/Rewind” buttons;
Mobile: Under the track’s cover art.

Enjoy your own unique playlist of 80 related tracks 🥰 First track is already pre-loaded into the player.

Improvements Log:

  • Enhanced the back-end performance for better website responsiveness;
  • Fixed the STATS’ Bar chart dates order;
  • Enhanced the bulk edit tracks feature responsiveness;
  • Filter section is now minimized on tracks listings pages (Mobile);
  • Fixed the mobile player availability when playing kits on the View Profile pages (Mobile);
  • Enhanced the SHOW MORE, … (more) buttons behavior (Mobile).

Thank you for your support. Stay tuned for new updates.
Best regards, TRAKTRAIN Team.

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